Garage Storage For Camping Chairs

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Proper garage storage for camping chairs is important if you want to protect your investment and make your chairs last as long as possible.

Let's face it, a good quality camping chair or bag chair can be expensive, so the last thing you want to do is just throw it into a corner of your barn or garage where moisture, dirt and mice can destroy it over the winter.

A benefit to portable camping chairs is that they fold up and fit into their own carrying sack.

The sack makes it easy to haul them from place to place but also protects the chair when it is not in use and is in storage.

Unless you are a diehard camper or you live out of your RV, you probably don’t use your camping chairs on a daily basis.

So where do camping chairs go in the offseason?

Most likely, in your garage.

But portable chairs can be bulky and cumbersome unless you have a designated place for them.

Here are some tips for garage storage for camping chairs that are sure to keep your chairs in great condition until you need them again for your next sporting event or outdoor excursion.

Garage Storage For Camping Chairs - DIY Ideas

The Coat Tree Method

Camping chairs have that nice shoulder strap that serves a dual purpose.

First, it helps you lug the chair to your campsite.

Second, it allows you to hang up the chairs for storage in your garage.

A sturdy coat tree with hooks on all four sides is a convenient way to keep your camping chairs all in one place, off the garage floor, and in such a way that they don’t take up a large footprint in your garage.

The key is to find one that is strong enough to take the weight of multiple camping chairs without tipping over.

Garage Storage For Camping Chairs Using Pegs

Similar in concept to the coat tree method, a row of pegs – the kind you would use to hang your jackets or baseball hats on – can also be used to store your camping chairs in your garage.

The chairs will stay out of your way, off the ground, and can be conveniently accessed for those last-minute bonfire parties, soccer practices, or weekend camping trips.


Garage Storage For Camping Chairs Up in the Rafters

Many garages have exposed rafters which provide an opportunity for additional storage options.

Longer items, like skis and kayaks, can reach from one rafter to another, but folding camping chairs provide more of a challenge.

You can lay a piece of plywood across the rafters to form a platform that can be used to store a number of items, including camping chairs.

In fact, this is a great solution for all your camping equipment, such as your tent, air mattresses, and sleeping bags, to be stored all together and in an out-of-the-way place.

While storing your camping chairs and other camping gear in your garage rafters is a great way to free up space in your garage, the items are not very easily accessed.

If you need to grab a few chairs to head over to an open-air concert or a quick trip to the beach, it’ll be a bit more of a chore to get the camping chairs down from the rafters.

This option, while a viable one, is best reserved for people who use their folding camping chairs infrequently.


Building A Simple Shelf

Sure, you can hang your folding camping chairs, but you can also lay them down on a shelf.

These days, there are so many garage storage systems with shelving units that your garage may already have plenty of shelf space.

It would be easy to just toss your camping chairs onto a shelf.

The drawback of this storage solution would be if the chairs could easily roll off and onto the floor.

Also, if shelf space is at a premium in your garage, you may want to keep the shelf available for items that cannot be hung and hang what can be, like your camp chairs.


Garage Storage For Camping Chairs Using Wall Racks

Folding camp chairs have become so popular that it is now possible to purchase wall racks that are specifically designed for garage storage for camping chairs.

These racks are ideally suited for keeping your camping chairs off the ground, out of the way, and easily accessible.

They can be integrated into your whole garage storage system, so they are functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Garage Storage For Camping Chairs Using Storage Bins

Those plastic storage bins are great for just about anything, including camping chairs and camping equipment.

The manufacturers of plastic storage bins and totes now make them in a wide variety of sizes and shapes so you can find bins that are long enough for your folding camping chairs.

There are distinct advantages to using storage bins to house your camping chairs.

First, the bins are designed to be stackable to maximize your space.

Second, the storage bins have lids to keep out dust, dirt, mice, and insects, as well as moisture.

You can purchase bins that are clear to allow you to see the contents, or you can add labels to the containers to make finding and retrieving your camping chairs a simple task.

When it comes to garage storage for your camping chairs, you have plenty of options available to you.

You should be able to find the storage solution that is best suited for your needs and your garage space.

Below, you will find a few of our favorite garage storage systems for camping chairs.

Camping Chair Wall Storage For Garages By Tymedration

This camping chair organizer system for garages is made by Tymedration and is available on Amazon.

It easily mounts to walls and can hold up to four camping chairs.

It contains two durable nylon straps, each with four Velcro loops.

The Velcro allows you to adjust the opening for the chairs.

You will be able to fit a basic, no-frills camp chair, as well as padded and oversized chairs, in their carrying bags or without.

Camping Chair Wall Storage for Garage

Because the camping chair storage system hangs on the wall, you can easily reach your folding chairs when you need them.

Even children can retrieve their favorite chair, if you hang the system low enough for them to reach it.

The handy, adjustable loops make this camping chair wall storage system flexible enough to use for other items, like your beach umbrella, skis, portable stroller, and camping poles.

Garage Storage Utility Hooks By Phunaya

This set of four all-purpose garage storage utility hooks, sold on Amazon, is great for keeping your camping chairs out of the way and organized.

The hooks are strong enough to hold up to 55 pounds and are made of premium steel.

Each hook has two open prongs, so you are able to hang two chairs per-hook if needed.

Garage Storage Utility Hooks

The hooks are also shaped like a shelf with an upward lip, so you can also lay the chairs horizontally across two hooks.

A versatile utility hook, this product can also be used for other items, such as ladders, strollers, or golf bags.

Garage Storage For Camping Chairs - Overall

No matter which style of camping chair you prefer, from small compact folding camping chairs to oversized fold up chairs, proper storage is important.

Try one of the methods above to keep your chairs dry, clean and ready for next season!